Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Termite Mound Baseball

I suppose there have been hundreds of posts and articles written about how fast kids grow up and being too busy to spend time with them.  And yet, somehow, the whirlwind of life sucks us in and blinds us to what we know to be true.  Kids grow up too fast and time is irreplaceable.

I realized this a couple of days ago when my kids were sitting at the kitchen table watching old videos we had taken with a digital camera.  It was later in the evening and I was still busy at my computer after 12 hours of the "whirlwind".  Their laughter attracted my attention and I went over to watch.  And we watched and watched and watched and laughed and remembered.

I almost cried when I thought of how fast time has slipped away.  Our kids are getting older, becoming independent, but they still need my time and attention.  The needs here in Zambia are always at our door.  There is always more to do for others, ways to impact the community, all good things.

But, at what cost?  In the busyness of operating a business and ministry, I have neglected the ones closest to me.  I ignored the offhand comments they make about me being around but never ENGAGED with them.  Or the statements how I am always on the phone or talking to someone.

So, yesterday evening, I shut down the computer, put the business aside, and we all went out and threw a baseball on the site of an old termite mound in Northern Zambia.  It seemed strange to wear baseball gloves and throw the ball in such a place, but we had fun.  And I was not distracted.

I am still learning boundaries for my time.  My best teachers are my children.  I am committed to listening to their silent cries for attention and time.  I hope you can be committed the same way.

God bless.



Nichole said...

hoping and praying that with your new hires that you can have more of these moments!

Olivia Blunier said...

so true! thanks for sharing - love you all :)
Kurt & Livy

Anonymous said...

Your Children certainly have grown! It is so good to hear from you. I am amazed everytime to see the progress you have made.
What is the old adage - "out of the mouth of babes" or something like that. Children are probably
the quickest thing to get our attention. Glad you took the time because I have no doubt you needed it as much as they needed you!
I have asked to see if it is possible for CISCO to give you some support. I am praying for all of you and will continue to do so.
God's richest blessings, June